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[[Accounting with SchemeServe]]
[[Accounting with SchemeServe]]
[[Reporting and Accounting for Direct Debit Payments]]
[[Monthly Instalment Calculations]]

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You can easily take card payments using SchemeServe. In order to do so you will first need a Sage Pay Account. Sage Pay is the card processing bureau that is used with the SchemeServe system.

Note: Sage Pay is not enabled at a site level but instead is turned on/off at the Scheme level. So if you have multiple schemes you wish to take card payments on you will need to activate Sage Pay on each of them.

If you wish to set up Sage Pay in SchemeServe then you will need to raise a support ticket and provide us with your SagePay vendor name. If you don't have a Sage Pay account or you don't have your vendor name you can contact our support to help you set this up.

Note: You should work directly with Sage to set up your security rules on your Sage account. This is not something that ADM will normally do for you.

Enabling Card Payments

Before you begin this process please make sure that your SagePay card payment details have been added to the account.

  1. Log in to SchemeServe as an Administrator
  2. Click on the Admin Tab
  3. Click on the Schemes Icon
  4. Click on the Scheme you wish to enable card payments for
  5. Tick the “SagePay Card payment for whole premium” Box (if not already ticked)
  6. Or Tick the Monthly Payments Box and then configure the options for initial payments/deposits, credit ceiling, and free cover (see video tutorial for more details)
  7. Click Save Changes to save your changes and enable card payments

Video Tutorial

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