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It's easy to work with monthly Card Payments within SchemeServe. See the instructions below to get started.

Note: To use this service you will need an account with Sage Pay. Sage Pay.are the card bureau we use with SchemeServe.

Enabling Card Payments

Enabling Card Payments

To start using Card Payments with your customers, you'll first need to enable the service for one of your schemes. Follow the steps below...

  1. Login with your Administrator account (this is the account you used to first sign up to SchemeServe).
  2. Navigate to Admin >> Schemes
  3. Select the scheme for which you'd like to enable Card Payments using the drop-down list in the top left corner.
  4. Ensure that the "Auto On Cover" box is ticked.
  5. Ensure that the "Take Payment Automatically" box is ticked.
  6. Ensure the "Full Premium" tickbox under Payment Types is ticked.
  7. Ensure the "Card Payment" tickbox under Payment Methods is ticked.

Please see the Help Guide article on Card Payments below for full costings.

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