Searching for existing Clients

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SchemeServe is based around your clients. It keeps client information together central to Cases. Clients can have as many Cases as they need.

How to find a Client

To find a client, go to the Clients tab on the main page.

From there you have a few options. List all of your Clients (if you have many Clients, you might not want to list them all at once), you can list them by letter or you can search for the Client by the Client's ID, their name or their post code (or partial post code).

Enter the search criteria and press Enter.

Any matches are displayed in a list below with options to view the Client's details or to View their policies.

Once you have matching Clients, you can also export the clients in the list to CSV files. Either all of them or only the On Cover/Completed clients. There is also an option to export the Client's email addresses. You may want to import these for a marketing run or to send important information to all of your Clients.