Importing Client Details from External Sources

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If you already have a list of clients they can be easily imported into SchemeServe. It is important that the data is structured correctly for this to be completed correctly.

You can download the data structure from here Media:Clients.xls

This data can be imported in either Excel format (.xls file extension) or CSV (Comma Separated Variable) format (.csv file extension).

Important Note: When you click the Import Clients Button ,a ticket will be generated with ADM Support attaching your file. Depending on your support plan additional charges may apply.

How to Import Client Details

  1. Login to SchemeServe
  2. Click on the Clients Tab
  3. Click on the Import Clients Button
  4. Click the Browse Button to find the .xls or .csv file you wish to upload and then double click on the file
  5. Click on the Import Clients Button to confirm the upload (or click on the Cancel Button to exit without uploading)

Video Tutorial

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