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Note: This section of the SchemeServe guide takes you through the basic reports and into developing your own reports. To get the most from this section it is highly recommended that you read through each component in order. To help with this we have labelled each section with a number in the “see also” section.

Using formula in SchemeServe reports is relatively simple. However, if you're using particularly complex formulae you might want to contact our support staff for assistance to make sure you're getting the results you need.

To help you understand this better we're going to work through an example:

  1. Follow the Edit or Create a Report Process
  2. From the Columns Tab add a new column or use an existing column
  3. In the second field select Enter Formula... (skip this step if you are amending a formula and click the Change Formula Link instead)
  4. Type the Formula You want to use (see example below)
  5. Tick the Sum Total Box to use the Sum Total on the Report
  6. Edit the Name of the Column as Appropriate
  7. Repeat steps 2 – 6 for any additional column formulae you require
  8. Don't forget to Click Save Changes to save your changes

About our Example:

In the tutorial you'll see that when entering a formula you always type a “[“ to start a calculation. As soon as you start typing the name of a field you'll be given all the fields starting with that name to choose from. We started with the Total Premium on a Case which is TotalPremiumNet_Result in our Schemes and we want to add the IPT to give a total payable amount. So we our final formula reads [TotalPremiumNet_Result]+[IPT_Result] and that's the result that is shown on the column in the new report.


  • SchemeServe can carry out very complex calculations in your reports as long as your formulae are entered correctly
  • If you have multiple risk groups and/or insurers you need to identify where these apply in formulas for example if the Risk Group you wish to apply the formula to is 120; use [CommissionFromInsurer_120] to show the commission for that risk group only
  • All variables and fields in formulae must be contained in the square brackets that's “[“ and “]”
  • Don't forget to contact support if you have extremely complex formula and need help. Try to make sure you know what sum total you need to achieve and the individual components required to reach that sum before you call.

Video Tutorial

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