Allowing Payments by Invoice

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In order to give a sub-agent the option to pay by invoice you need to enable invoicing within the scheme and then authorize the individual agent to pay by invoice.

Setting up Invoicing in a Scheme

  1. Log in to SchemeServe as an Administrator
  2. Click on the Admin Tab
  3. Click on the Schemes Icon
  4. Click on the Scheme you wish to use
  5. Tick the Cheques and Bank Payments by Invoice (by agent) Box
  6. Click the Save Changes Button

Setting up Invoicing for an Agent's Account

  1. Log in to SchemeServe as an Administrator
  2. Click on the Agents Tab
  3. Find the Agent
  4. Click the Edit this Agent Link
  5. Click the Advanced Tab
  6. Tick the Box “Allow this Agent to settle invoices by cheque or bank payment”
  7. Click the Save Changes Button

If both of these conditions have been satisfied then when an Agent generates a New Quote they will have option to be invoiced by using the “Invoice Me” Button. It's worth noting they are not obliged to be invoiced and could for example pay by credit card if they also have this facility enabled.

Agents who do not have this authority on their account will not be able to see the “Invoice Me” button and their billing remains unaffected.

Video Tutorial

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