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This is a comprehensive list for all the available SchemeServe Actions for use in Ratings Files...

NB the shorthand DATA= is used to indicate what you should enter in the cell immediately below the action name.

SetFeeSetFee:QuestionName DATA=AmountSet a fixed charge on the specified Calculation question
SetRateSetrate:QuestionNameSet a Rate on the specified Calculation Question
SetValueSetCover:QuestionName DATA=TextSet the answer of the specified Question
SetCoverSetCover:QuestionName DATA=AmountSet the cover on the specified Question
SetFeeFromLookupSetFeeFromLookup:QuestionToUseInLookup|LookupName DATA=Question ToSet|ColumnNameSet a fee from a value in a Lookup
SetResultFromLookupSetResultFromLookup:QuestionToUseInLookup|LookupName DATA=Question ToSet|ColumnNameSet a result from a value in a Lookup
SetRateFromLookupSetRateFromLookup:QuestionToUseInLookup|LookupName DATA=Question ToSet|ColumnNameSet a rate from a value in a Lookup
SetHighestRateFromLookupSetHighestRateFromLookup:QuestionToUseInLookup|LookupName DATA=Question ToSet|ColumnNameSet all rates to the highest rate from all returned row values in a Lookup
SetLowestRateFromLookupSetLowestRateFromLookup:QuestionToUseInLookup|LookupName DATA=Question ToSet|ColumnNameSet all rates to the lowest rate from all returned row values in a Lookup
SetCoverFromLookupSetCoverFromLookup:QuestionToUseInLookup|LookupName DATA=Question ToSet|ColumnNameSet cover from a value in a Lookup
SetExpiryDateSetExpiryDate Sets The expiry date for a policy
IncludeEndorsementIncludeEndorsement DATA=CSV IdentifierInclude the specified Endorsement(s) from the Endorsement Library
RemoveEndorsementRemoveEndorsement DATA=CSV IdentifierRemove the specified Endorsement(s)
Removes all Endorsements
Please note this has to be put on two lines as shown.
SetExcessSetExcess:ClaimTypeName DATA = AmountSet a Claim excess for the specified amount
SetMinNetSetMinimumNet DATA = AmountSet the minimum overall Net Premium
SetRiskGroupMinNetSetRiskGroupMinimumNet:RISKGROUP_ID DATA= AmountSet the minimum Net Premium for the specified Risk Group
IncludeEndorsementsFromLookupIncludeEndorsementsFromLookup:QuestionName|LookupName DATA= LookupColumnWithEndorsementsLooks up specified QuestionName in specified LookupName and includes the endorsements from specified LookupColumnWithEndorsement. Endorsement references must be comma-separated in the lookup file.
SetNextValueFromLookupAndDeleteSetResultFromLookupNextAndDelete:LookupName DATA=QuestionNameGets the next value from the top of the Lookup table set in LookupName, sets the question value to it and removes it from the lookup table. This is useful if you want to use a custom, predetermined sequence of values.
SetCaseExternalReferenceSetCaseExternalReference DATA=ReferenceTextSets the current cases external reference to the value you specify. This can then be used in the case search to find the case by this new reference as well as its normal case number. The external reference value is shown on the case screen.
PostcodePerilsLookupPostcodePerilsLookup: name_of_address_question|name_of_postcode_perils_questionPerforms a lookup using the current Postcode Perils engine, using details from the supplied address question, and storing the results of that lookup in the supplied Postcode Perils question.
GetApiResponseGetApiResponse: name_of_api_callback_question|bool_use_https|url_no_http_or_https|username|password|response_property_to_save
Performs an http post to the specified url and saves the response data
DATA=AgentId or formula to get agent id
Sets the agent for the policy

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