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If you don't wish to use the more complex Conditional Rating process then a Simple Rating can be applied to a Question in SchemeServe. A Simple Rating can only have a single set rate against an item and can not vary depending on additional criteria. Follow the main process for adding/editing questions and then follow these instructions:

Note: All rates set using the Simple and Conditional Rating processes can be altered on a Case-by-Case basis in the Case Matrix once a quote has been received. The values set by these processes are only default values and can be modified as required.

Note: Only Calculation questions can have ratings attached to them.

Simple Rating

  1. Click on the Rates Tab in the question - if the Rates Tab is not available the question cannot be used for Rate Generation
  2. Enter a Rate % (this is applied to the Sum Insured) or set an In Full Amount to be used on every quote
  3. You can also add Options to Rates using the Add Option Link

Video Tutorial

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